Thursday, February 25, 2016

In search of... free picture books on the Internet!

Well, it's been a while since I've posted here, because I'm doing more posting over at my main blog, Doodle Soop. In case you happen to be here, thought I'd do a little roundup about what's going on over there (East Coast vs. West Coast? Orange vs. blue?) Just did a post about my favorite sites for free 'n' legal online kids books. Some are readalounds, some streaming, but all have high quality books. You can see that post here.

I've also gotten on a mystery jag and wrote three posts about children's book mysteries for the different age groups. I learned a lot from this, and perused by Kindle. Not sure any of my own stories counts as mysteries, but one is maybe thriller-related. Here is the post about picture book mysteries. I think my favorite one is Mystery of Eatum Hall! And Miss Nelson is Missing. Its older sibling is about chapter book and middle-grade mysteries and can be found here, though I wrote this one first (did a lot with the cover thumbnails, but didn't continue with that after). I still miss good old Encyclopedia Brown. And last but not least, here is my post about teen mysteries. That includes tweens. Paper Towns come to mind.

One thing's for sure, this genre is awesome, and it's hawt. The sleuths, being kids, don't have to wear trenchcoats or say things like "Just one more thing." (Though I like that). They're just regular kids trying to hide their involvement in stuff from their parents. Or, they're busy trying to figure out who stole the cookies.